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I offer private lessons for fly casting and fly tying, the cost in $60.00 per student for two hours for casting, equipment, knots and general fly fishing and $40.00 per student for fly tying; I supply all materials for the tying class. You must bring your own vise and tools. E mail me at jimguida@hotmail.com

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My Patterns are as follows: Guida's Mirrored Minnows $2.50 ea, Guida's White Lighting/Black Thunder $2.00 ea, Guida's Emerald Shiners $2.00 ea, Hairballs, sucker spawn, single eggs $.75 ea all orders must be in Qty's of 5's or 10's per style
e-mail orders to jimguida@hotmail.com

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Trout Camps are in the spring for inland trout. The classes are six hours and cover casting, fly selection, and reading the water. He provide lunch, guides, flies/leaders/tippet, rods and reels if needed, you must bring waders and wading boots, sunglasses. This is the best way to start out fly fishing and learn from some of the best instructors in WNY.

Cost is $250.00 per person $350.00 per two
Please call Brian Slavinski

Saturday, October 25, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/24/2014

I have been at some med sized tribs this week with very good results, lots of steelhead and a brown caught today by tom. the water was very clear and tough to fish, but we switched to smaller Hairballs
and that did the trick. 


Monday, October 20, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/20/2014

The catt is shot for now, the med sized tribs have a good push of fish in the lower sections and the smallest ones have little water in them for now.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/19/2014

The catt might be ready for tues or wed depending on the rain that's coming this way

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/16/2014

We went back to the catt as it is the only game in town for now, all I can say is wow what a day. I haven't seen the numbers of kings in the river like this for a very long time. The water was off colored and up a little and  very fishable, the kings were spawning, jumping and moving all over. We did catch some steelhead along the way and all of the fish were taken on egg patterns.

Monday, October 13, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/13/2014

Jeff and I hit the catt today, the weather man said we might get some rain in a narrow band by the lake shore. The freaking rain came down so hard we had to seek refuge under some trees to stay some what dry. The fishing was good with 5 hook ups and only one landed, all the fish took egg patterns. We swung all morning with no results, so we went to eggs and bam fish on.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/9/2014

The catt is dirty, but fishable and should get better by the weekend, 18 mile is dirty and again will be ready by the weekend, the smaller tribs still have little to no water in them.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Gear Talk - Chest Pack Vs Vest

Years ago the only choice you had was a vest, today we have many choices: vest, chest pack , fanny pack, sling pack and other variations.
Many fisherman liked vests for the reason photographers do: you can stuff a lot of gear in their many pockets and still have both hands free.
The fishing vest was standard equipment for a very long time. Older models tended to be as long as waist-length jackets, but they have shortened up to keep the stuff in the lower pockets dry when wading deep.

Waist or lumbar packs are handy for the same reason fanny packs became popular with the general public: there’s nothing restricting your upper body, and the stuff you need is easily reached at waist level. Fishing models often have water bottle holders on either side, which can be handy.

 Sling packs have gained a lot with the two handed crew, as they have nothing in front to get in the way of casting.

Enter the chest pack, which seems to be the carry-all of choice among today’s anglers and mine. Popular brands include Umpqua, William Joseph and Fishpond, but just about any fly tackle company that sells vests now sells chest packs, now.
They are lighter and less restrictive than most vests – and they’re much easier to wear over a bulky coat when cold-weather fishing. They hold your gear out of the water in all but the deepest wading situations. Most are surprisingly roomy, but they still tend to reinforce the modern trend of carrying fewer fly boxes and accessories on the stream.  They also make it very easy to find and access most of your tackle for the days fishing.

Still, there are things a vest can do that a chest pack can’t. The most obvious is to provide an easy way to carry a portable rain jacket, a bottle of water and some food, all in the big pocket on the back.
But that need is met by another modern trend: fishing with a backpack. You see more of it today than ever before, and not just for fishing trips into the backcountry. A backpack has plenty of room for a coat, a camera, food, a first aid kit, water, bug spray, sunscreen and all the fly boxes an angler could want. You can wear it all day or slip it off and leave it on the bank near the water you’re fishing. You can buy a fancy sports model, complete with camelback drinking water supply, or you can make do with a basic book bag from a department store.

I  have used a Fishpond Double haul Chest Pack for the past 10 years now; it’s big enough for two or three fly boxes, along with leaders, strike indicators and split shot, but not so big that I can’t see my feet when walking or wading. It has a place for my hemostat, a place to pin on a zinger with a nipper, and I carry my spools of tippet on a holder. The real bonus is the backpack portion, which I use for my rain gear, and most important T.P. for emergencies on the water, it also will hold a water bladder for those who do long hikes in and out of remote fishing spots.

Monday, October 6, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/6/2014

Ok here is the skinny on the erie tribs I went over today, the catt is in great shape, the smaller ones have little to no water in them and the med size ones are not much better.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

WNY Fly Fishing Stream Report 10/5/2014

The catt spiked up a little and got a little dirty, but the good news is that she dropped in temps quite a bit so more fish should be moving in this week with more rain coming. The smaller tribs I'll be going over Monday so I can give you a better report for them.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Scientific Anglers

                               SNAPSHOT SHOOTOUT RESULTS

Likewise the “Ugly Fish” competition was tough, but Jim Guida takes home the honors and a free line of his choice with an awesome shot. Might not want to show your kids that one before bedtime.

Ugly Fish

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